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21 Jan 2017

NB Bloggers Hub Update

Quick update to the Blog Hub today.  Removed a few blogs that haven't been updated in a year and re-added James Wilson's "Maple Monarchists" blog.  (  Due to the way works, the Blog doesn't show up on the regular list, but it will appear at the bottom of the list if you would like to check it out.  97 Blogs remain on the Hub.  Some great content there, so take the time to browse the titles.  Enjoy the rest of January!  :)

5 Nov 2016

Blog Update 26 December 2016

Update done today.  The Hub now stands at an even 100 blogs, which is still pretty darned good. Some people are great at updating their blogs and others are like me!  :(
Thanks to all Bloggers for the work that you do in maintaining your blogs and keeping the interest up.

Happy New Year!

17 May 2016

Blog Hub update 17 May 2016

The tardy updating of this Blog Hub has happened again for the first time in a few months.  The blog count now stands at 120 with the addition of two new blogs today.  Stuart Liptay and the folks at the Albert County Historical Society have added their interesting historically themed blog "The Albert County Museum & RB Bennett Commemorative Centre" blog to the list and Joe Tilley is back with an updated version of the "New Brunswick Kayak Fishing Blog".  Check them both out by clicking on the titles in this message.

The list of updated blogs above shows only the ten most recently updated on the Blog Hub.  To see all of them, click on the Show All link in the lower right hand corner of the list.

Happy Reading! 

Thanks to everyone who maintains a blog as a labour of love.  It makes for an interesting picture of this beautiful province!